Corinna Ruhl, BA

Corinna is experienced designing learning materials for adults. She creates resources and training materials that are timely and accurate in content, relevant to the clients’ needs and easy for our facilitators to train.

Areas of expertise

  • document layout
  • graphic design
  • writing and research
  • copy editing and proofreading
  • website management


Instructional design

Corinna designs print materials that are both attractive and easy to navigate. She excels at using graphic design to support effective information delivery. Corinna uses graphics, models, and icons to provide interest, support text and help explain concepts. Corinna excels at conveying complex information simply. She works hard to ensure that educational information is clear, consistent and logical. Corinna has experience writing for diverse audiences, and can adapt her writing style to reach users of differing ages, reading levels and backgrounds. Using the active voice, clear sentence structure and familiar vocabulary, Corinna ensures that messages are conveyed successfully.


  • designing print materials that help learners succeed
  • understanding concepts and communicating this understanding effectively

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