Corinna Ruhl

Feedback is crucial ingredient in collaboration, relationship management, team effectiveness, and employee growth and development. Yet many of our clients and workshop participants report that feedback in their organization is both infrequent and uncomfortable.

Corinna Ruhl

How do you make an organization dance? How do you make it come alive? - David Yuk

We can never really be certain what’s over the horizon; we can’t always anticipate what changes are coming politically, economically, socially, and technologically. And more than just anticipating the future, many of us want a hand in determining the future—we want to craft it with purpose and intent.

Corinna Ruhl

“Who’s got the time for a full day of training?” is a common question from both leaders and their staff. While The Performance Group continues to deliver dynamic and interactive full-day workshops, we have been developing innovative ways to deliver similarly transformative learning experiences in segments. Breaking training into 90-minute learning segments has the following benefits:

Corinna Ruhl

The hippocampus is the part of the brain in which learning resides. We need to 'Make Our Hippos Dance'!

Rob Schnell

As I reflect over the past 15 years, I can’t put a number on how many discussions (or shall I say “healthy debates”) I have had on the topic of leadership. Many of them have been on walks or drives with my business partner Denise. Many others have been with participants in workshops.

I always loved these discussions because it forced me to mold, modify and articulate my thoughts around the topic of leadership.