Top 10 Leadership Traits

Rob Schnell

As I reflect over the past 15 years, I can’t put a number on how many discussions (or shall I say “healthy debates”) I have had on the topic of leadership. Many of them have been on walks or drives with my business partner Denise. Many others have been with participants in workshops.

I always loved these discussions because it forced me to mold, modify and articulate my thoughts around the topic of leadership.

Here is the countdown of my Top 10 Leadership Traits.

10. Encourage Growth – Always challenge yourself and others to get out of your comfort zone.

9. Operate in a Learning Mode – Remember learning is about change and change is about learning.

8. Demonstrate Genuine Care – Relationships, relationships, relationships. Build relationships whenever and wherever you can.

7. Be Consistent – Don’t have people guess “Who is showing up today?” Be authentic in all your interactions.

6. Maintain Commitments – Always follow-up and follow-through.

5. Honour the Importance of Trust – Build trust as a foundation for all relationships.

4. Think First, Then Lead – Ascribe to the planning axiom “the law of intention and attention.” Set your intentions and then pay attention to them.

3. Show Passion for Your Vocation – Show passion for the people you work with, the products you generate and the clients you serve.

2. Be Ethical – Do what is right. Challenge yourself by asking the question – “What would the leader I want to be do what I am about to do?” And most of all…

1. Strive to be a Human Being not a Human Doer.

Rob is co-founder of The Performance Group OE Inc. Rob has been consulting for over 30 years and is an expert in leadership development. Read Rob’s bio.

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