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Train the Trainer Fieldbook

Train the Trainer Fieldbook

by The Performance Group

In today’s ever-changing workplace, our work roles are continually evolving and expanding. New expectations require that we not only share our experience, but that we train others in a manner that ensures a transfer of knowledge and/or skills to those who will utilize what they learn to change their behaviour on the job. In order to increase our competence and confidence in our new role as trainers, we will investigate how best to identify training needs, plan our training and how to use the learner-centered approach to create a climate conducive to learning.

This fieldbook will help you transform your passion for learning, your functional expertise, your ability to work with people and your desire to support the growth of your colleagues into a new role for you: a professional trainer.

$19.95 plus taxes and shipping
PRESENCE of Mind Fieldbook


by The Performance Group

In today’s workplace, there are few simple situations and even fewer simple solutions. We are constantly dealing with an abundance of information, differing values and beliefs, our own biases and assumptions, and multiple perspectives. Despite these complexities, we make decisions and take action… without consciously thinking about how those decisions were made. We are at risk of making flawed decisions that can have significant impacts in all areas of our lives.

By applying critical thinking to our thought processes, we will ultimately make better decisions and fewer mistakes. This fieldbook introduces critical thinking—what it is and how to do it—and will enhance your ability to address the situations, decisions, problems, and dilemmas you face. Critical thinking works.

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Keep Calm and Lead On by Rob Schnell

Keep Calm and Lead On

by Rob Schnell

This collection of leadership thoughts support improved day-to-day actions as a superior leader. Learn about the steps you need to support a high achieving team and what personal steps you can take to develop your leadership skills.

$7.95 plus taxes and shipping