CLEAR Communication

Communication is a critical skill in any walk of life. This one-day workshop builds on basic communication skills so that difficult decisions can be successfully communicated to our business partners and clients. Using a variety of scenarios from the real world, participants will develop and practice CLEAR Communication skills to ensure that all parties understand and accept decisions communicated to them.

Learning objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • describe how purposeful communication supports better decisions and better buy-in by business partners and clients
  • summarize learning from the Targeted Communication
    • select the appropriate communication medium based on the purpose
    • set a meaningful agenda for all communications based on the purpose of the communication
  • demonstrate the CLEAR Communication process
  • depersonalize and disarm stress
    • read and respond to level of agreement
  • present situations and decisions with clarity
  • listen between the lines for underlying issues and concerns
  • demonstrate empathy
  • ask questions to get the full picture and encourage appropriate input
  • review the process to ensure understanding and acceptance
  • develop your own communication action plan


This workshop can be delivered in a full day.