Excellent Assistant

The Excellent Assistant is a program developed specifically for employees who provide support to others in their organization. This dynamic and comprehensive program builds and enhances skills for increased accountability, contribution and success. The objective is to build and enhance skills to perform jobs more effectively and efficiently. For 2014, we have added relevant new material on strategic thinking, being proactive, setting boundaries, emotional intelligence and networking. Read testimonials about this program.

Learning objectives

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • identify sources of power and performance
  • use the Insight Inventory to assess their communication style
  • identify actions to communicate better with opposite and similar styles
  • flex their style to get their message across
  • determine what is important versus urgent
  • use a basic approach to managing time and priorities
  • identify their prime time
  • assess their urgency addiction
  • use their spheres of influence
  • identify the destructive and constructive results of conflict
  • use the Thomas Kilmann Instrument to assess their conflict style
  • identify actions to use during the Anger Cycle
  • identify their boss’s style
  • listen for understanding
  • influence change


This program can be delivered in two days.