Our coaches

Did you know? The Performance Group offers online coaching services.

Denise Burrell

Denise began her coaching career in the 1990’s. This sparked her passion for the unique benefits of one-on-one support that coaching offers. Since then, she has worked with over 200 clients in a professional coaching role. Certified in Advanced Cognitive Coaching© and Brain Based Coaching, she works with leaders to create insights and develop new approaches to build on their success.  Her clients appreciate her ability to provide clarity about goals, strengths and holdbacks to transform thinking and behaviour. Enhancing team effectiveness, resolving conflict and expanding influence are goals many of her clients have achieved. She also specializes in working with individuals making organizational and role transitions.  Contact Denise to discuss whether she is the coach who will help you achieve your success.

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Kris Cramer

Kris has a Master’s degree in Neuropsychology complemented with a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching that equip her with a full understanding of how to engage the brain to enhance learning and individual change. Through coaching, Kris has supported senior level executives, directors and managers with building on their technical expertise to further enhance their leadership success. Kris is known for being able to connect with her clients while using a highly logical approach to identify possibilities, issues and barriers. Kris defines her coaching role as an accountability partner, responsible for challenging her clients and holding them accountable to reach their goals. Her focus on creating success naturally shines through. Kris is certified to administer, interpret and coach clients through the results of several assessment tools used to enhance leadership skills including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Emotional Quotient 360 (EQ360). Contact Kris to discuss whether she is the coach who will help you acheive your sucess.

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At The Performance Group our coaches are guided by the root of the word coaching which is “to move someone of value from where they are to where they want to be.” Coaching is a co-created process of discovery, goal setting, exploration and committing to, and learning from, action. In each coaching session, which is typically one hour every two weeks, discovery is stimulated through the use of penetrating questions to discuss issues as they relate to overarching goals and success. Strategies and actions to address these issues are explored and assessed. At the end of each session, insights or discoveries are summarized and action commitments made. Through the process, your TPG coach acts as a sounding board, mirror, synthesizer, challenger and accountability partner.

The Performance Group bases our coaching practice on the Coaching Core Competencies established by the ICF:

  • setting the foundation
  • co-creating the relationship
  • communicating effectively
  • facilitating learning and results

All of our services, including coaching, are focused on leveraging the three key levers of culture and performance by:

  • developing clarity and alignment around goals, roles and expectations
  • building capability through knowledge and skills development and support
  • enhancing willingness by inspiring engagement and motivation

Types of coaching

Leadership coaching

  • Involves working one-on-one with leaders at every level – from senior executives to technical leads – as a “thinking partner” to support them in further developing their leadership skills.

Conflict intervention coaching

  • A workplace review is conducted to gather data from employees, then the coach provides recommendations for improvement and works with the organization to implement the recommendations (this often involves providing one-on-one coaching to employees).

Change management/reorganization coaching

  • Takes leaders and staff through each stage of organizational change and reorganization.

Development coaching

  • Focuses on identified performance issues.