In support of these service areas, we have developed our “. . .by Design” methodologies including Competencies by Design, Strategic Planning by Design and Teams by Design based on our extensive experience and research with and for our clients. These methodologies take iterative approaches to refining our experience, best practices and research into the best approach to achieve each client’s specific outcomes, context and culture. With three staff consultants and six associate consultants, all of who have expertise in a broad range of organization effectiveness areas, TPG has the knowledge, skills and experience to deliver excellent results, products and services. We have provided quality consulting services to hundreds of organizations in the public and private sector. Our strength lies in our personal commitment to our clients. We deliver results and build relationships based on a keen understanding of our clients’ needs. The success of our approach has clients returning to us again and again for assistance and support.

Organizational effectiveness

Utilizing our Organization by Design methodology, we work with organization’s leaders and teams to align organizational vision, team strategy and individual performance. Our focused approach helps organizations to examine the realities of their current state and articulate a vision for the future.

Strategic planning

Our strategic and business planning ensures mission and vision based plans that are integrated and aligned from top to bottom to create a chain of contribution. Our experts facilitate business area groups from senior executives to operational teams through the following planning processes:

  • Defining the preferred future using appreciative inquiry, visioning, and from/to analysis,
  • Scanning the external and internal environments using PERT and/or SWOT analysis,
  • Criteria based priority and goal setting which are tested using force field analysis, and
  • Action planning and commitments.

The Performance Group OE Inc. has built our reputation by facilitating engaging workshops that meet the unique needs of our clients. Working with the sponsors to identify specific success factors for the group, we use our experience in facilitating strategic plans to guide the group through the strategic planning process. We use an integrated approach to strategic planning so that we can work from the different entry points of the individual members of the group to achieve a sound strategic plan. We will apply the models and tools as we teach so people are learning about the process as they develop their own plan.

Change management

When individuals and organizations face change, a crisis often develops. When faced with any crisis, personal or organizational, we only have three choices: we can change the change; we can accept the change; or we can prepare to fail.

We help individuals and organizations deal with the human side of change. You will also learn how to better deal with the changes that impact you and what you can do to help those whom you work with to “come to grips” with non-stop changes.

Process analysis

Process AnalysisThe Performance Groups’ Organization Design and development methodology has been refined over years of working with organizations as diverse as ACCESS and the City of Edmonton.

Our approach is characterized by our focus on supporting the transition implied by organization design. We understand the impact of design on groups and individuals and have seen where the best design doesn’t work simply because buy-in and commitment hasn’t been created. We work with our clients to apply best practices to achieve their specific required or desired future states.

Human resource services

Performance management

Performance management is at the heart of achieving organizational results. As illustrated, an integrated approach to employee performance management ensures alignment, clarity and commitment. Performance management is essentially continuous improvement for the individual and ultimately the team and organization.

Performance Management

We work with organizations to incorporate the following best practice principles into their performance management systems:

  • Aligned
  • Results oriented
  • Collaborative
  • Objective
  • Future oriented

We work with organizations in developing competencies or behavioural measures of expected conduct that most often lead to performance breakdown.

Job Description Writing

The Performance Group OE Inc. (TPG) has built our reputation by providing quality deliverables built in partnership with our clients. We work to ensure that we have a clear picture of your needs based on an in-depth understanding of the underlying purpose, pay-offs for the organization and the impacted individuals. The results and products we provide are practical, relevant and user friendly. Over 70% of our work is with clients who have worked with us before and appreciated the value we provide.


We seek to appropriately involve the stakeholders so that they have can contribute to and have an understanding of the underlying factors for success.


We work with your HR shop to build solutions that they can support and that are sustainable in the long term.


Our approaches are learner centred so that they are motivated to develop and to apply their learning.


We understand that solutions need to be simple and accessible. An important outcome is that people feel confident in apply their learned skills now and in the future.


We appreciate that needs and issues emerge through the process of developing solutions. We work with you to anticipate and mitigate these at the front end and to respond as they arise.

Competencies by Design

  • Clarify initial expectation
  • Plan the Competency Analysis/DACUM session process
  • Facilitate Competency Analysis/DACUM session
  • Analyze and synthesize results
  • Validate final results

Workplace review

We have worked with thousands of teams to achieve higher levels of performance or as an intervention to address issues. Our team methodologies are based in the best practices of Jones and Lencioni where we work with teams to develop clarity and agreement about purpose, products, processes and roles. Our experience has taught us that clarity and agreement must be supported by tools and techniques to develop trust, productive conflict, accountability, commitment/follow-through and results.

Our team facilitation produces results and improves outcomes through facilitated processes to develop outputs and deliverables including, but not limited to:

  • Team Charters
  • Operating Principles
  • Ground Rules
  • Goal and Role Agreements