Instructional Design

Learning frameworks

Training by Design is a proven methodology for the development of the training processes. Applying this methodology to the development of a learning framework, workshops and training materials ensures the delivery of high quality content that has the greatest impact on the participant’s learning.

Our approach to the development of training frameworks takes his clients through a process of discovery. Using a collaborative process, he helps clients analyze their situation and identify their specific needs. By asking the right questions and mining what the client already knows, he is able to work with each client to ensure that he can develop the most effective training solution.

Before embarking on a training design project it is critical to develop a project charter. Creating a project charter clearly outlines the purpose of the project, the expected outcomes, timelines for each phase of completion within the project and the players or partners (and their roles) within the project.

Clarification of expectations should include but is not limited to the:

  • Purpose (What problem, concern or opportunity does this product address?)
  • Product (What is their definition of success for the final product?)
  • Process (How will we get to the final product?)
  • Part (Who should be involved and how best are they involved?)

Customized training

The Performance Group’s Training by Design methodology guarantees custom courses that reflect the unique requirements of the client organization within a learning process that engages participants and inspires effective practices for the future. By communicating with the client’s experts and key stakeholders, we use an iterative approach to tailor content by defining appropriate learning objectives, developing ideal content models and learning strategies, producing clear and measurable outcomes to benefit participants for the long term and determining the most appropriate training modality given the clients current circumstances.

We provide high quality learning materials and tools that ensure optimal learning and retention. We can develop learning materials and products in a range of formats to meet the specific needs of our clients. Such formats include standard classroom based (includes participant materials and facilitator’s guide); paper-based course packages videos, web-based training and self-paced learning materials. We also develop a variety of tools to complement the primary course materials including PowerPoint presentations, prepared flipcharts and posters, job aids and study guides. Our course developers work closely with our clients to identify and develop the specific products, tools and materials that best suit their needs and budget.


In today’s fast changing marketplace organizations need access to top-notch training. Employees are being challenged as never before. Changing technology, process improvements and higher expectations mean workers need to upgrade their skills and learn to adapt to the needs of the organization.

The Performance Group’s training services can provide you with a highly qualified trainer or provide train-the-trainer sessions to help your employees improve their skills and competencies and ensure exceptional results for your organization. We have a reputation as an enthusiastic and involving trainers, who deals with issues practically and with a sense of humour. We are committed to building a rapport with our participants and providing them with the encouragement they need to achieve personal success.

Performance Group Trainers

We are committed to enhancing the development of individuals, teams and organizations. With extensive facilitation and teaching experience based on our ability to ask the tough questions and frame new ways of behaving in memorable, inspiring ways. We have had success with all types of organizations in assisting them with improving performance through innovative and participative approaches.

Training for Trainers

Build on your successes – teach your experts how to train others. The Performance Group trainer works with your subject matter experts to develop effective courses and then shows them how to pass it on. While these individuals know their subject cold, they need to learn how to transfer their skills and knowledge to others.

Participants are taught using the learner-centred approach, where audience analysis and objective setting are paramount. The use of practical applications and real-life situations is encouraged, and participants are given practice in test-driving their materials.

Research and experience proves that people learn by doing. Our facilitators ensure participants are engaged and involved and that they learn how to engage and involve others to maximize their success.

Participants are given custom packages that are established and proven through trials and can be modified to suit the type of training, audience and culture of the organization. The Performance Group trainer enables participants to walk out and apply the principles they’ve learned.