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Kris Cramer, MSc, CEC

Kris Cramer, MSc, CEC

Kris Cramer is a leader with expertise in executive coaching, instructional design and workshop delivery.

Working with Kris helped me to see situations more clearly. Two years later, I still recall our conversations and apply the learnings to current situations. I appreciated that Kris helped me to develop strategies and approaches that fit for who I was as a person and worked with my strengths. I enjoyed our time together and reflect often on our discussions.

- Director, Government of Alberta

November 2016

I’ve found the coaching to be very helpful... I’s kind of like Thought Judo, where the opponent is yourself and your coach is, well your coach. As my coach explained to me, she finds that most of the time the executives she coaches know the answers to their questions, they just need help getting there. Our minds are so cluttered with immediate issues, old crusty thoughts and new data getting crammed in we’ve forgotten half the stuff we’ve known.

Coaching helps you sort through the mess in your head, and provides an intentional time and space for you to clean it up. We’re our own worst enemy in so many ways. At the same time you get what you put into it; the coaching hour is really only the beginning of it. We set goals in the beginning, and though I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere at first glance, I realized I had moved significantly towards them. The reality is that even though I wrestled some bad habits into line and remembered a lot of things I’d previously learned about leadership, organization and all that jazz, today there are even more emergent issues, fresh ideas turned crusty memories and way more data getting crammed into my noggin.

So coaching has put me onto a process whereby I can be more thoughtful, deliberate and reflective. I can understand why people would continue doing it over a longer term, or find a coach/mentor to help them out. It applies to superstar executive as well as up and coming staff.

- Director, Government of Alberta

October 2016

Kris has been a tremendous support in assisting me as I transitioned into my first senior role in Government.   In this first year, I have found myself at many times battling my own confidence and casting self-doubt in my own performance.  After having a session with Kris and having her be my sounding board and asking me the tough exploratory questions to find the root of the issues, I find myself feeling eager and ready with an action plan to carry out to address these moments.  I enjoy each conversation with Kris and how she is willing to go through my narrative and help me realize I have the answer and that it is embedded within my own narrative.  I have come out more confident and ready to embrace the next challenges with the tips provided by my excellent coach!

- Director, Government of Alberta

September 2016
Corinna Ruhl

Does coaching really pay off? Is it just a management fad? What is the return on investment?

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