The following are pages related to Conflict:

The Gossip-Free Workplace

What are your workplace conversations like? Do they contribute to collaboration and respect or to rumors and cliques?

Taming the Lizard: Dealing Productively with Conflict

Why do some people or situations bring out our worst? Why do some people seem to look for conflict? Why are some people calm and composed even when challenged by people or circumstance?

Finding Opportunity in Conflict

Are office conflicts killing motivation and productivity? In a dynamic organization, conflicts can’t be avoided. Your goal should be to ensure the outcomes of conflict are productive rather than destructive.

Face to Face Leadership

The Face to Face Leadership Program is targeted at individuals who want to enhance their leadership skills through competency development. In today’s organizations, meaningful job performance can only be achieved through goal-directed behaviour that is supported by face-to-face leadership.

Conflict Management

Conflict is an inevitable part of daily living. In our business, personal and social affairs, we encounter conflict. When mismanaged, it can be destructive and disruptive. If properly addressed, it is an opportunity for creativity and problem solving.

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