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Enhancing Your Personal Productivity

Have you ever looked back on the day or the week and asked yourself “What did I accomplish?” After reviewing your to-do list do you ever have that sinking feeling that you didn’t accomplish as much as you hoped?  You are not alone – many of us feel that way, however, there is a way out.

Corinna Ruhl

Feedback is crucial ingredient in collaboration, relationship management, team effectiveness, and employee growth and development. Yet many of our clients and workshop participants report that feedback in their organization is both infrequent and uncomfortable.

The Leadership Challenge®

Based on the best-selling book, The Leadership Challenge by Barry Posner and Jim Kouzes, this workshop is a unique, intensive leadership development program for all levels.

Corinna Ruhl

Does coaching really pay off? Is it just a management fad? What is the return on investment?

RESPECT Rules for Leaders

What every leader must know - what you need to do to meet and exceed workplace bullying, harassment and violence legislation and the consequences for not taking the required actions.

Corinna Ruhl

To help ring in 2014, let’s think about what reinvention means, and how we can effect real, lasting change in our lives. We’ll use three videos about reinventing yourself in order to do it:

Dealing with Stress in a High-Strung World

Today, the question isn’t "Are you stressed?", but "How stressed are you?" This workshop will move participants beyond merely coping with stress. Taking an 'inside out' approach, participants will learn to reframe the events that cause stress into opportunities to thrive.

Train the Trainer

New expectations require that we not only share our experience, but that we train others in a manner that ensures a transfer of knowledge and/or skills to those who will utilize what they learn to change their behaviour on the job.

Taming the Lizard: Dealing Productively with Conflict

Why do some people or situations bring out our worst? Why do some people seem to look for conflict? Why are some people calm and composed even when challenged by people or circumstance?

Take This Job and … Love It!

Did you know that up to 60% of people say the number one source of stress in their lives is their job? What about the rest? Who are the lucky few who actually enjoy their jobs?

Supervisory Development Refresher

Key to a supervisor's successful continued development is reflection on their own practice.

Supervisor as a Trainer

The role of the supervisor is to handle various activities related to production. The focus of this workshop will be the supervisor's role in the training and development of employees as a key to increased productivity.

Succession Planning

Planning for the succession of your organization is a key leadership function that focuses on all issues relating to your organization’s continuity.

Subtle Art of Managing Up

Managing up is a conscious process of working with your boss to obtain the best possible results for you, your boss and the organization. It is not a simple matter of “getting along” with the boss.


This workshop promotes respect for different viewpoints, philosophies, religions, genders, lifestyles, ethnic origins, physical abilities, beliefs and personalities-as well as respect for the work environment itself.


In today’s workplace, there are few simple situations and even fewer simple solutions. We are constantly dealing with an abundance of information, differing values and beliefs, our own biases and assumptions and multiple perspectives.

Personal Leadership in Times of Change

This workshop will develops skills for working in an ever-changing environment. Participants will develop an awareness of the difference between change, those things external to us, and transition, our internal response to change.

Generations @ Work

This workshop focuses on the unique challenges brought on by having four different generations coexisting and working side-by-side in the same workplace.

Finding Opportunity in Conflict

Are office conflicts killing motivation and productivity? In a dynamic organization, conflicts can’t be avoided. Your goal should be to ensure the outcomes of conflict are productive rather than destructive.

Facilitate with EASE

Get the most out of your group by learning to facilitate productive conversations. Facilitators temporarily improve a groups' processes to solve a substantive problem or issue. They keep the group goal-focused. How can you avoid the problems that plaque groups?

Face to Face Leadership

The Face to Face Leadership Program is targeted at individuals who want to enhance their leadership skills through competency development. In today’s organizations, meaningful job performance can only be achieved through goal-directed behaviour that is supported by face-to-face leadership.

Excellent Assistant

The Excellent Assistant is a program developed specifically for employees who provide support to others in their organization. This dynamic and comprehensive program builds and enhances skills for increased accountability, contribution and success.

Emotional Intelligence @ Work

In the late ‘90s, Daniel Goleman’s synthesis of research about success supported what many have thought was true – it isn’t our IQ or grades that contribute to success. It is our “emotional intelligence” that is a greater contributor to success.

CLEAR Communication

Communication is a critical skill in any walk of life. This one-day workshop builds on basic communication skills so that difficult decisions can be successfully communicated to our business partners and clients.

Rob Schnell

The PRESENCE of Mind approach guides your thinking through any situation. It is something one learns through application. As you work with the PRESENCE of Mind, you will realize the benefits of well-reasoned thinking and incorporate critical thinking into your everyday method of problem solving.

Rob Schnell

Gain insight into critical thinking as a way of increasing our awareness of how we think. Taking command of our own thinking process so as to think more effectively. Critical thinking is a trained practiced application of rigor to our thought processes to ensure we are using the best thinking we are capable of in any situation.

Are You Heading for an Energy Crisis?

Energy management is the new concept in time management. It acknowledges that you can’t really ‘manage time’ – you only get 24 hours in a day and no more. However, you can increase your energy and get more done.

Goal Setting for Success

With the frequency of change increasing in both our life and in the workplace, the need for clear roles and goals is more critical now than ever before to ensure results and high performance are achieved.

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