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The Art of Attendance Management

Are you unsure of how to manage an employee who is regularly absent or what to do when an employee is off on a medical leave? If so, this workshop is for you.

RESPECT Rules for Leaders

What every leader must know - what you need to do to meet and exceed workplace bullying, harassment and violence legislation and the consequences for not taking the required actions.

Working with Style

Understanding ourselves and others is an effective way to improve our communication skills and create a harmonious, productive environment.

Supervisory Development Refresher

Key to a supervisor's successful continued development is reflection on their own practice.

Supervisor as a Trainer

The role of the supervisor is to handle various activities related to production. The focus of this workshop will be the supervisor's role in the training and development of employees as a key to increased productivity.

Principles of Supervision

There are fundamental principles underlying the supervisory relationship. They are governing principles that will help  supervisors initiate and maintain productive relationships with their performers.

Interview Techniques for Supervisors

This workshop provides a comprehensive look at interviewing.

Influencing Difficult People

Difficult people have learned that their approach helps them get their way. It seems that this small number of difficult people causes most of the stress in our lives, robbing us of our productivity and satisfaction. Our usual responses only seem to make it worse.

Generations @ Work

This workshop focuses on the unique challenges brought on by having four different generations coexisting and working side-by-side in the same workplace.

Finding Opportunity in Conflict

Are office conflicts killing motivation and productivity? In a dynamic organization, conflicts can’t be avoided. Your goal should be to ensure the outcomes of conflict are productive rather than destructive.

Facilitate with EASE

Get the most out of your group by learning to facilitate productive conversations. Facilitators temporarily improve a groups' processes to solve a substantive problem or issue. They keep the group goal-focused. How can you avoid the problems that plaque groups?

Face to Face Leadership

The Face to Face Leadership Program is targeted at individuals who want to enhance their leadership skills through competency development. In today’s organizations, meaningful job performance can only be achieved through goal-directed behaviour that is supported by face-to-face leadership.

Excellent Assistant

The Excellent Assistant is a program developed specifically for employees who provide support to others in their organization. This dynamic and comprehensive program builds and enhances skills for increased accountability, contribution and success.

Emotional Intelligence @ Work

In the late ‘90s, Daniel Goleman’s synthesis of research about success supported what many have thought was true – it isn’t our IQ or grades that contribute to success. It is our “emotional intelligence” that is a greater contributor to success.

Effective Coaching Strategies

Coaching is an increasing important role in a work environment that demands performance and accountability. It is a set of communication skills based on insight, analysis and synthesis. The effective coaching workshop is targeted to individuals who want to enhance their coaching skills.

Creating a Positive Work Environment

Producing results based on corporate goals and objectives requires performers who know what is expected of them, and are engaged, committed and motivated to perform their best.

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