Bonnie Hlady

Bonnie oversees all of TPG’s training coordination, including scheduling, planning and material preparation. Bonnie uses her background as an instructor to help TPG’s consultants to develop and deliver superior workshops. She is also Executive Assistant to Denise Burrell and Rob Schnell. Bonnie takes pride in TPG’s commitment towards making the workplace a better place to be.

Areas of expertise

  • client service
  • training coordination
  • training material and training aid development
  • scheduling and event planning
  • copy editing and proofreading



Bonnie’s in-depth knowledge about TPG’s products and services is a great asset to all of her clients. She is anticipatory and proactive. She connects the right program and the right facilitator to meet the client’s needs. Bonnie’s excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as well as her ability to provide timely and accurate information and assistance, help TPG consultants delivery services to our clients successfully.

Instructional design

Bonnie excels at creating PowerPoint presentations, handouts and other facilitator aids—materials that reinforce instructional content and engage participants. Bonnie also helps create facilitator guides that help our trainers succeed.

Workshop delivery

Using her superior organizational skills, Bonnie oversees training coordination and scheduling for The Performance Group. She prepares training materials, and ensures that trainers have everything they need to deliver their workshops successfully.


  • being consistently up to speed with every client and every project
  • coordinating efforts and energies to ensure that everything runs smoothly
Bonnie Hlady

Bonnie Hlady