The Leadership Challenge®

Based on the best-selling book, The Leadership Challenge by Barry Posner and Jim Kouzes, this workshop is a unique, intensive leadership development program for all levels. This fast-paced workshop uses a well-designed cognitive/affective methodology that includes experiential exercises. Participants are given extensive feedback on their current leadership practices via the Leadership Practices Inventory, and then compare this feedback with The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership:

  1. Model the Way
  2. Inspire a Shared Vision
  3. Challenge the Process
  4. Enable Others to Act
  5. Encourage the Heart

Learning objectives

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • identify their leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • clarify and communicate their fundamental values and beliefs
  • set the example for others by aligning their actions with shared values
  • express their image of the future
  • inspire others to share a common vision
  • search for opportunities to change and improve
  • experiment with innovative ideas and learn from accompanying mistakes
  • build collaboration, teamwork and trust
  • strengthen the ability of others to excel
  • recognize the accomplishments of others
  • apply the lessons learned in the workshop to a current organizational challenge


This workshop can be delivered in two days. Contact us if you are interested in having this workshop delivered in your organization.

Face to Face Leadership Plus

Face to Face Leadership Plus is an 8-day program: 1 day of The Leadership Challenge® is followed by 7 days of Face to Face Leadership.

  • Day 1 of the program provides participants with an introduction to The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership as outlined in The Leadership Challenge.
  • Days 2 through 8 outline the leadership strategies and actions required to realize success in a results-driven environment through effective leadership and improved communications. Participants will also dive deeper into The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership in order to understand how to apply the practices to leadership challenges they encounter day-to-day.

Read more about Face to Face Leadership.