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I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having TPG involved in our training this past year. You have been lifesavers! We have loved working with your team. You are all the epitome of professionalism and excellence. I knew anything we gave to you to work on would be done exceptionally well and on time.

- Training Manager, Government of Alberta

August 1, 2020
Rob Schnell

As I reflect over the past 15 years, I can’t put a number on how many discussions (or shall I say “healthy debates”) I have had on the topic of leadership. Many of them have been on walks or drives with my business partner Denise. Many others have been with participants in workshops.

I always loved these discussions because it forced me to mold, modify and articulate my thoughts around the topic of leadership.

The Leadership Challenge®

Based on the best-selling book, The Leadership Challenge by Barry Posner and Jim Kouzes, this workshop is a unique, intensive leadership development program for all levels.

Corinna Ruhl

Does coaching really pay off? Is it just a management fad? What is the return on investment?

RESPECT Rules for Leaders

What every leader must know - what you need to do to meet and exceed workplace bullying, harassment and violence legislation and the consequences for not taking the required actions.

Corinna Ruhl

To help ring in 2014, let’s think about what reinvention means, and how we can effect real, lasting change in our lives. We’ll use three videos about reinventing yourself in order to do it:

Succession Planning

Planning for the succession of your organization is a key leadership function that focuses on all issues relating to your organization’s continuity.

Subtle Art of Managing Up

Managing up is a conscious process of working with your boss to obtain the best possible results for you, your boss and the organization. It is not a simple matter of “getting along” with the boss.

Principles of Supervision

There are fundamental principles underlying the supervisory relationship. They are governing principles that will help  supervisors initiate and maintain productive relationships with their performers.


In today’s workplace, there are few simple situations and even fewer simple solutions. We are constantly dealing with an abundance of information, differing values and beliefs, our own biases and assumptions and multiple perspectives.

Face to Face Leadership

The Face to Face Leadership Program is targeted at individuals who want to enhance their leadership skills through competency development. In today’s organizations, meaningful job performance can only be achieved through goal-directed behaviour that is supported by face-to-face leadership.

Excellent Assistant

The Excellent Assistant is a program developed specifically for employees who provide support to others in their organization. This dynamic and comprehensive program builds and enhances skills for increased accountability, contribution and success.

Coaching Conversations

Coaching is an increasing important role in a work environment that demands performance and accountability. It is a set of communication skills based on insight, analysis and synthesis. Coaching Conversations is targeted to individuals who want to enhance their coaching skills.

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